Shadow making of products makes lifelike images which attract customer who want to buy genuine product. Mirror-like shadow is only possible through some manipulation of Photoshop technique.

Shade within the clear boundaries of an object is known as the shadow. In the digital world, shadow making creates an object with a tangible and visible entity. A well-made shadow beneath the product increases the customer temptation to buy the product. Initially, buyers get a 3D feeling and anticipation of buying this genuine product. To a great extent, shadow making includes drop shadow, mirror effect, and natural shadow.

Image shadow effect to photos

Image shadow effect is a popular way to add effects to products or persons. With the right perception and experience, a dramatic effect is achievable only by shadow making. To achieve perfect shadow effects to photos, we go through certain settings and combine all of them to get a real product look. Also, to unlock the potential look of products every aspect of the image is manipulated. Thus, we get you the best possible 3D depth shadow effect in 2D images. Below image shadow effect service is illustrated on what we do, how we do your shadow beneath the product.

We Do Real product effect

In this digital marketing, the introduction of shadow making makes all products visible on hovering above background. For this, shadow making of products visualises impression above the background in 3D space behind it. We make the 3D effect of an image for you by introducing shadow making. As a result, you get the real product effect which attracts the customer. And the customer feels the “REAL PRODUCT”, get excited to buy the product, therefore, these effects increase the total number of product sale.

drop shadow

Types of Shadow: We Offer

Make mirror-like reflection or shade within boundaries through shadow imaging by us. Your product images will get the alluring looks. We enhance all the images to get the genuine, tangible and attracting look of products. From these three services choose the best alternative that suits you: Original, Customised and Mirror Reflection. We provide you with the original shadow beneath objects and create a visual illusion of variant products.


Make original shadow under simple and mere details products/objects reflect as a genuine product.


Make customised shadow reflection for intermediate curve and details products/objects


Make mirror like reflection to the products/objects of large, complex, high details and curve reflect as a lifelike.

Our Shadow Implementation Steps

Photoshop drop shadow layer style is great for image shadowing to products. We provide the shadow in photos thus product get the effect of floating slightly above its background. It becomes sometimes difficult to create more realistic looking products. BUT, we do add shadow to the highest level, complexity isn’t a matter to us. To overcome complexity, we follow the mentioned shadow implementation steps:
  • Select the product by using selection tool (Lasso Tool, Quick Selection tool, Pen tool etc.). Draw a selection around the product and select it to a new layer.
  • Draw a gradient on the new layer by clicking on the tool Foreground colour swatch. From colour picker, we choose a shade of grey and drag straight up vertically to the centre of the image.
  • Apply a slight blur by Gaussian blur and increase the radius to around 1.5 pixels for elusive effect. This helps to make the shadow appearance softer.
  • Add extra canvas space to add shadow, by Photoshop Crop Tool from the Tools panel. Press Enter to accept the crop size depending on the shadow size and a new blank layer.
  • Select the product and fill the selection with black. From the Edit menu choose Distort. Reshaping the black-filled area by clicking the top transform handle and make it looks like its products shadow.
  • Use quick mask mode to gradually select the shadow to the Photoshop foreground and background defaults. Releasing the mouse button to the top of the shadow a red transparent overlay appears to the image.

 Finally, set the foreground color to a dark grey to fade out the image completely. And lower the opacity of the shadow around 85% to create a more realistic-looking cast shadow effect.