image masking

Important facts about image masking

✔ Image masking is the last thing of photo editing

✔ This is done for giving more perfection to the images

✔ By blurring the edges, you will be able to get more smooth pictures

✔ A mask image means making the value of some pixel intensity to zero and also the others to non-zero

Image masking service

Our in-house image masking service is a totally professional process through which an image’s blurred or fuzzy edges are rectified for a perfect output. In essence, the technique makes the edges look smooth and more pronounced. This is achieved through the usage of different tricks and photo-editing tools.

What tools do you use for our image masking service?

Earlier than you start getting curious about the tools used for image masking, it’s important that you simply understand the basics and what makes an image masking company a professional one versus an amateur. For a start, image masking, as the name suggests, involves editing a picture through using a software. There are different software used. For example, there’s GIMP, Perfect Masks, Picture Wizard and Photoshop. The later (Photoshop) is more standard. All these applications have powerful options like brushes and various sharpening tools to do the task. For the most effective results, use the software you’re more familiar with.

Type of Masking

  • Layer Masking
  • Channel Masking
  • Transparent Masking
  • Translucent Masking